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What is Twinning

General information
Twinning is a practical way for members to be involved internationally. The principle of twinning is to establish contact between members of the International Fellowship in different parts of the world.

Twinning logoLogo
In 1989 a special logo for twinning was designed representing twins of different colours holding hands in friendship with the ISGF badge in the middle. In 2005, a new, more modern and stylised logo was introduced. All the work in relation to twinning is identified by this logo, which may be used in two versions, in colour (red) or in black and white.

image Twinning logo (color) (12 KB)
image Twinning logo (black and white) (10 KB)

Levels in twinning
Twinning can be implemented at any one of three different levels:

  • person to person - one member of a Guild writes to a Guild member in another country,
  • Guild to Guild - when all Guild members become involved with a Guild in a different country,
  • country to country - when the National Committee writes to an existing, new or potential member organization.

Why twinning
Years of experience have proved that through twinning, the strength of ISGF has been enhanced in the following ways:

  • greater international awareness and understanding helps the cause of world peace,
  • acceptance of and friendship with people from other nations breaks down barriers and reduces intolerance,
  • providing a wider view of our Fellowship movement, offering new ideas and generating enthusiasm for ISGF.

Twinning certificate specimen 2022 smallRegistration twinning
Requests for twinning should be made via your International Secretary.
When the link has been established, the International Secretary will register the twinning and arrange for a certificate to be issued.

pdf Total Twinning records (36 KB)

document Registration form Twinning (102 KB)

pdf ISGF Twinning Card 2019 (128 KB)

pdf Leaflet: Are you twinned English (304 KB)  

Twinning Presentation


Leny Doelman, ex-officio of World Committee, coordinates twinning. If you have specific questions about twinning or want to get a certificate, please inform Leny at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

pdf Twinning - Hermanamiento - Spanish (156 KB)

document Estas tu mellizado - Español folleto (98 KB)