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Comprehensive report 11th ISGF Europe Region Conference, Denmark

During 30th July – 3rd August 2023 a very succesful 11th Europe Region Conference has been held in Ranum, a northern city in Denmark. The participation has been significant, 130 participants from 22 European countries (out of the in total 28).
The program has been very rich including opening and closing ceremonies. A successfull quorum for approval of the chairman of the Conference, vice-chairman , resolutions committee and tellers. On the agenda were the quadriennal and financial reports, amendments and motions of the Europe Region constitution and budget approvals. Also the action plan of the new Europe Regional Committee was announced. The 12th European Region Conference (2026) has been approved in Germany (Weimar).

Presentation and election of the new Europe Regional Committee for the period 2023 – 2026 covering the four Europe subregions (West, North, Central and South).
2023 europe conf new committee smallFrom left to right: Sue Page - chairman (UK), Søren Silving - vice-chairman (DK), Rigmor Lauridsen (chairman of the conference), Lilian Sotelo - treasurer (Austria), Thalia Xiromeritou - member (Greece). Sue and Søren will share the work of a secretary.
Also the next 30th ISGF World Conference in In Spain ( Granada) has been presented, to be held from 17 – 22 September 2024.
The Danish Host Committee, who was in charge to host this Conference, has worked intensively during the last 3 years (in average one virtual meeting per month), with some 20 fellows of various cities all over the country. The result has been very special, covering different areas (ambient, economics, cultural, scouts and guides, Danish school development,etc.) and, according also Danish scout tradition, enriched before and after each session, by songs both Danish and scout.
2023 europe conf campfireEducational workshops covered the selection of edible plants in the grass, preparation and cooking of bread on the fire, bans ,jokes and songs of the various groups, camp fires, preparation of paper from fibers, and many other workshops. The atmosphere was very friendly and each one tried to meet and know the nearby fellow. Jane Wardropper asked the new Europe region committee to come up with a support plan for Scouting/Guiding in the Ukraine. The new Europe region committee promised to explore this with their new team.
The Post Tour, following the Conference, from 3rd to 6th August, moving from the north tip (Skagen) down to the east side (Copenhagen). The 30 participants enjoyed the tour and it was a real pleasure to have dinner inside the local Guilds owned houses in the different cities, who prepared themselves wonderful Danish menues for the participants. It was a very nice experience!

Mario Bertagnolio, liaison for Europe Region in World Committee

The minutes of the Conference will be produced and announced when available on ISGF website in the section of the Europe Region. This also applies for a photogallery.

Chairman IAG Board
A very successful Europe Conference with true scout/guide spirit. Well organised in all aspects at a wonderful venue (the Efterskole and the surroundings), the Hosting Committe very helpful and effective. A big thank you to all the Guild members and particulartly to the local Guild members who offered us lunch /dinner in the different cities we visited during the post tour.
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