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Tunisian Adult Scouts & Scout Leaders’ Good Turns during COVID-19

covid tunisiaThe Tunisian Scouts Organisation has 3 components: the Scouts, the Guides and the Scout/Guide Pioneers (Adults). It supports the State's efforts to address the pandemic outbreak of the COVID-19 and to reduce its social consequences.

A National Crisis Management Cell (NCMC) was established with 450 local cells in all over the Tunisian governorates. They operate according to a national plan and in full coordination with the central, regional and local authorities.

Achievements in this framework:

  • 1.450 supervisors of the work of national, regional and local cells
  • 10.220 volunteers across the country
  • 654.272 working hours
  • 12.524 interventions
  • 41.588 food packages distributed to needy people
  • 1.880 scout leaders blood donors to the blood banks
  • 8 quarantine centers served by Tunisian Scout volunteers

pdf Good Turns in Tunisia during COVID 19 (228 KB)

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