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Actions carried out by the Fellowship of Argentina, during COVID-19

argentina covid 011The Rucas Huenei, the local Fellowships of NSGF Argentina, collaborated very actively during the pandemic, making masks (around 6000) in different parts of their country. Protective gowns and shoe covers were also made. 

Another Guild participated with the weaving of wool blankets and the distribution of cleaning and disinfection items in very vulnerable areas. At the same time, they were carrying out a campaign to collect, prepare and distribute warm clothing, food and footwear, for families who could not work because of quarantine and who were in critical condition. 

Another Guild also collaborated with food, either by obtaining ingredients, for the preparation of meals and/or in the distribution of food.
All these actions were prepared and carried out with extreme care since the Fellowship members are also, for the most part, older and at risk.

pdf SGAA - Argentina - en acción (4.81 MB)

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