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School uniforms for Zambia

project dk zambia 04Sonderjyllands District is a regional part under Sct. Georgs Gildet, NSGF in Danmark. For some years they have a friendly connection to Gina Chiwela and Mary Nambela from the National Guide and Scout Fellowship of Zambia in Lusaka.
Some years ago, we collected yarn and knitting needles which was sent in 2 big boxes with a total of 200 kilos to Lusaka. The purpose was to learn the girls in the schools to knit. It was there where we learned about the vulnerable children on three schools. NSGF Denmark supported as much as they could – but we learned that school uniforms were a huge problem.

The children attending the school only have one parent or no parents. Which creates huge financial problem in their daily life, they fight for food every day – which means this leaves no money for school uniforms. We found that this should be supported. With a fairly little amount we could ensure new school uniforms for the vulnerable children.
Together with Mary Nambela we started the project. Mary worked in Lusaka to make all the connections and give us the needed information. We came up with the idea in the local guilds in the southern part of Denmark. Money was collected and sent to Lusaka.
In Lusaka Mary has been working together with the schools and with help from the Ministry of Education an arrangement was made with an Industrial Department in a prison, placing the order of sewing the uniforms. Investigation showed that it was too expensive to buy already made uniforms, which is why they made an agreement with a sewing department in a prison. Mary spent three days selecting all the material that was needed.
Recently we received the good news that 52 uniforms are ready to be handed out to the girls and boys in the schools. Mary, will arrange a ceremony and all involved parties will be invited where the uniforms will be handed out to the children.