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Antiguos Scouts y Guias de Cuba support to Scouting

camporee miami 03On January 19 to 21, 2024, as it is traditional, at the “Picnic Ground Carlos J. Arboleya”, at Miami Dade County, USA was celebrated the LIII Camporee Lincoln-Martí, with the participation of 14 Units of the South Florida Local Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). This year was the LIII Camporee and our Association of “Antiguos Scouts y Guías de Cuba” were there with our Museum as we are doing during the last 16 years.

The visit of the CUBA SCOUT MUSEUM is an improving activity as part of the Program of the Camporee and the scouts made a report to get some points to win as part of the awards program at the end of the Camporee.

camporee miami 02Among the attractions for the Scouts are the “Footprint” of Baden-Powell (original copy of the Gilwell Park) in bronze and a lot of photos of the activities and leaders of Scouting in Cuba before April 1961, when the Scouting died.

Supporting the community in Cuba
The Association “Antiguos Scouts y Guías de Cuba” maintains different programs as part of its regular activities like the “Botiquín” to provide medicine to former scouts and families living in Cuba, regularly and under special request from the former scouts at the Island. The Association is a donor of the Local Council of the BSA and with the Camporee.

camporee miami 01History of this Jamboree
This Jamboree was the first event of the Cuban Scouts living in Miami, members of the BSA, with too many units (Troops) with all members, including their Leaders, all former scouts of Cuba and many Cubans’ sons or grandsons of the exile Cubans.

Incorporation in the BSA
From the beginning the Boy Scouts of America took all the necessary actions to incorporate the Cuban Scouts as regular members but at that moment to be member of the BSA you shall be an American Citizen or a legal resident.