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Guidelines on use of ISGF Logo

isgf_logo.pngDescription from ISGF Constitution, article IV, November 2009

The International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF) emblem is a red Scout arrowhead of the fleur-de-lys bearing two white stars on a white trefoil. A keyline surrounds both arrowhead and trefoil. All copyright and other intellectual property rights, together with any goodwill relating to it, belong to ISGF. 

The logotype

  • The red arrowhead of the fleur-de-lys bears two white stars on a white trefoil. A black or blue key line surrounds both arrowhead and trefoil.
  • The Pantone (PMS) specifications are: Pantone warm red and Pantone 286 blue. The key line may be printed in black or blue. The logo may also be used as a grey-scale image.
  • When the emblem is to be printed on a background colour other than white, it is advisable to focus on a brighter colour than the key line for purposes of adequate legibility and clear contrast. The area inside the outline of the trefoil is to remain white and the fleur-de-lys is to be printed red.
  • When producing a flag on a field of blue the height of the ISGF logo shall be at least half of the height of the flag. The ISGF flag is the emblem, without key line, on a field of blue.

Altering the logo

The logo should not be redrawn or recreated. The logo must not be reproduced in any colour other than the official colours. The elements of the logo must not be separated or resized independently. The logo should never be manipulated, stretched, distorted or cropped. A National Scout and Guide Fellowship (NSGF) is welcome to use the ISGF logo, which gives the advantage of easy recognition and use of already existing badges, pins and other items with the ISGF logo.

If a NSGF chooses another logo, it is recommended that the ISGF emblem is included. However, such a combination has to be approved by World Committee.

Symbolism of the logotype

The ISGF logo contains a lot of symbols. In its form it consists of the logos of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts (WAGGGS) and of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) to tell that ISGF, together with those two organizations, is part of a World Movement originating in the Scout Movement. The colours are white for purity and red for love.

The fleur-de-lys reminds us of the compass needle to keep us on course. The three parts of the fleur-de-lys and the trefoil show our scout/guide promise. The two stars with each five jags show our scout/guide law, and the band around the fleur-de-lys reminds us about solidarity.


As a general rule the typeface Arial and the related bold face are used by World Bureau in all stationery forms and brochures as this typeface is an extremely legible font suitable for almost any text.

 Corporate colour

For a consistent look, ISGF started in 2010 to add Pantone 292 blue as a corporate colour for its official articles such as neckerchief, woggle and badge.

Download logos

You may download the logos from the download page or click here

pdf Examples ISGF logos (225 KB)

pdf Guidelines on use of the ISGF logo (40 KB)