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New Board elected NSGF Curacao

board curacao 02On Sunday 15 April 2018, the local NSGF of Curaçao – Copernicia - held their monthly meeting. During this meeting we said goodbye to two members who served four years in the board.  Four other members were welcomed with a very short but impressive ceremony.

These members are Ivonne Leocadia, Jamilie Haile, Nydia Hato and Bertha Rijke.  These four members together with Drucella Cardenas, Elta Paulina, Sicline Hato, Jeanette Kleinmoedig and Solange Lopez will be forming the Board of Copernicia for the next 2 years. Giving content to the longtime proposed, “family scouting”, we invited the twins Jeady and Kaely (granddaughters of Nydia Hato) to help with the distribution of gifts.The gifts were handmade by Lygia and Verna and decoration of the meeting room in ISGF colors, was a fantasy of Nydia and granddaughters.
“Be prepared …… “
Robert Baden-Powell

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