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ISGF presence at Bridging Guilds 2019 event Malaysia

malaysia bridging guildsThe Vice Chairman of the ISGF World Committee, Datin Seri Zalillah Mohd Taib, pictured with some Trefoil Guild members after presenting attendance certificates to the participants at the Asia Pacific Region Trefoil Guild gathering “Bridging Guilds 2019”.

She gave the closing speech of the event and spoke very positively about the benefits of being a member of ISGF. The Gathering was held from 25 -28 July and had participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and the United Kingdom who enjoyed a very varied programme.

malysia bridging guilds 02The keynote speaker was Dato Jeyadhevi Subramaniam, Chief Commissioner, Girl Guide Association Malaysia. She spoke about the Guiding Journey in Malaysia and her vision of Trefoil Guild members helping to empower a new generation of inspiring women who are skilled and competent to contribute actively and creatively to local, national and global advancement of humanity

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