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Founders Day/World Thinking Day celebrated in India with a unique and noble purpose

2020 india 22feb 01Mother & Child Wellness project was launched on the worldwide celebrated Founders Day/World Thinking Day by Mrs Rema Menon, Vice President of the Maharashtra State Indian Scout and Guide Fellowship, an accomplished mother, an eminent educationist and a mother of two very accomplished daughters. The programme was jointly organised with the Chatrapati Shivaji Vidyalaya, a prominent school in the Asia's biggest Dharavi slum area in Mumbai.

It is a unique project to be adopted by all the district units and guilds of the State Fellowship in Maharashtra. The project focuses on the goal no. 3 of "Good Health and Well-being" of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to be achieved in the whole world by the year 2030.

We had invited 100 scouts and guides and their respective mothers to participate in the programme. The objective of the project is to strengthen relationship and responsibility between mother and child in all aspects of their life, may be health, hygiene, education, respect and discipline and thereby the children to excel in their career and mothers to be happy within their family and be proud on the accomplishments of their children.
We are looking forward for happy families around the world free from poverty, and diseases.

The students of 9th and 10th standards had been asked a month ago as an innovative idea by the principal, Mrs. Veena Donwalkar, to save money from their daily pocket money and buy some gifts for their mothers. The children bought small gifts and also made lovely greeting cards and each one presented to his/her mother as a token of love and gratitude.  We could see tears dropping from the eyes of some of the mothers. It was a touching moment. A small girl even performed aarti (Hindu religious ritual of worship) for her mother. 
2020 india 22feb 02Three mothers and their three daughters who amongst them were an accomplished engineer, a medical doctor and a teacher who narrated their experiences how they were supported and encouraged by their mothers (parents) to make them reach these positions in spite of all hardships.
In turn each mother emotionally narrated how their daughters cared for the family and continued their studies together with helping the family. Many boys and girls came forward to recite poems and songs for the love and honour of their mothers. A girl student, Trishna Khanna, was invited from an international school who delivered important hygiene related tips to the girls.

In the beginning of the programme, teachers from Hindi, Urdu, Marathi and English medium explained the importance of the Founders Day/World Thinking Day and as well as importance of the mother and child wellness project.

The programme was attended by S.K. Agarwal, President State Fellowship, Satish Khanna, former chairman ISGF ASPAC Regional Committee, Vishnu Agarwal, president of the Greater Mumbai Fellowship and other office bearers and members from Greater Mumbai and Thane Fellowship and Mr. Shide, secretary of the school’s trust. The programme was concluded by Mrs Rema Menon and vote of thanks was presented by Anil Sinha, senior vice president of the State Fellowship.

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