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Appeal made by MASCI during recent Human Rights seminar

italy seminar rome 2018On the 3rd May 2018, the National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Italy, the MASCI, held a seminar on ‘Human Rights’ at the Villa Lubin in Roma. During the seminar, several prominent keynote speakers took the floor to address the institutional, the environmental and the social and economic migration while highlighting the challenges the migrants must cope with.

As Scouts and Guides, we are committed to make the world a better place to live. Therefore, it is our duty to provide proper information, to go beyond the limits and to encourage people to change our model.
It was a one-day seminar full of reflexions, debates, and good practice to promote inclusion and reception, to preserve dignity and to call for standing all together to contribute to the positive and constructive reform of the current European policies. In conclusion of the seminar, the MASCI presented its appeal on required political choices to make the vision of global compact on migrations (United Nations) a reality.
italy seminar rome 2018 2You are all invited to support the MASCI initiative by providing them with information, good practice, etc. to make their voice even better heard, when they will submit their petition to the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, in September 2019.

pdf 2018 Appeal MASCI/FOCSIV, seminar Human Rights (233 KB)

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