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Twinning between Uruguay and Guatemala

hermanamiento reunion uruguay guatemalaA magnificent experience to cultivate our scout spirit with the practice of twinning activities. Promoting twinning activities, initially, between the different fraternities of the Latin American countries has been a challenge for ATZ Fraternidad de Scouts y Guias Guatemala. The exchange of different aspects of our scout and personal lives with fraternal from other latitudes is particularly exciting and enriching.

A team of representatives from the countries of Uruguay and Guatemala enthusiastically continued the consolidation of the Twinning carried out in December 2020.
The Uruguayan team made up of Mabel Pais (President of FASGU, Uruguay), Silvia Beatriz Leiro (Interinstitutional Secretary) and Alberto Zambrana (President ISGF Western Hemisphere) met with Aldo César Cruz Aredondo (Treasurer FSGG, Guatemala) and Paúl García Villanueva (Secretary of International Relations FSGG in function until May 4, 2021) to structure the program to be developed by the fraternal of both countries in a general meeting that took place on Saturday, May 1, 2021.

The topics presented by Uruguay were:
A) Uruguayan Museum of Scouting (Silvia Beatriz Leiro, Eduardo Lema, Arce Family).
B) Uruguay Natural (Alberto Zambrana).

The following topics were presented in Guatemala:
A) Camping Adventures (Paúl García).
B) Guatemala City - Stories, Myths and Realities (Hubert Hernández, Lucia Hernández, Lizbeth de Hernández).
The activity was complemented with songs and scout cheers.

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RE: Twinning between Uruguay and Guatemala
Great experience, the scout spirit was lived. BP. Montevideo- Uruguay.
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