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Meeting International Ambassadors Guild - Europe Conference 2023

Report 11th ISGF Europe Conference, Ranum Denmark, 30 July to 3 August 2023.
Four years after the 10th ISGF Europe Conference in Bremen, we were very happy to meet this year in Ranum, Denmark, at this very important ISGF event. Around 30 IAG members attended this Conference which gave us the opportunity to have a good chat with many of them.

One of the keywords of this Conference was “Togetherness”, so IAG members and friends had also a very good opportunity to get together and have a friendly meeting in a nice room provided by the organizing Committee.

Present from the IAG Board were the Chairman, the Secretary and the Chairman of ISGF World Committee (IAG ex officio member). We did a brief review of the last four years, the new members and the present membership as well as the projects which we were happy to support despite the covid pandemic.
We were very sad to refer to the loss of our Honorary Member from Australia late Sir Michael Baden-Powell, grandson of Sir Robert Baden Powell. Many of our members had met him in the past and deeply appreciated him. God rest his soul.
ranum iag 03It was a good opportunity to hand over the IAG diplomas to the IAG members who became Life Members. Thus Thorvald Sigmarsson (Iceland), who was present received his diploma himself, while Margareta Slanec (Austria), Hansdieter Wittke and Carola Gassen (Germany) who were not present received them through their representative. Pins and badges were given to our new members who were also present. I wish to point out that during this ceremony I missed Bjorg who is always in charge of these rituals and makes things easy.
Our video with all the projects supported since 2013 to date, was shown in a special "movie room" along with other videos and presentations. During the plenary session a short presentation about IAG was made just to show who we are and what we do.
We wish to announce that the next IAG General Assembly will be held in Brussels on the weekend of 13/14 April 2024. You will be advised in due course. Stay tuned.

The next big ISGF event is the 30th World Conference , Tuesday 17 September – Sunday 22 September 2024 in Granada, Spain. See you there
A big thank you to the Organizing Committee and especially to Birthe Oemark for the help and care.

Nana Gentimi
Chair of the IAG Board

pdf Report Ranum IAG 2023 (158 KB)