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Chairman International Ambassadors Guild steps down

image058Everyone who participates in the ISGF World, Regional Conferences or even sub-regional gatherings has heard of the International Ambassadors Guild (IAG). It is the ISGF Foundation.

Since 2012, Bjorg was the Chairman of the Guild. And she did a remarkable job. She wanted to implement part of the ISGF Mission for 2020: actively support the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. And as soon as she arrived, she proposed to the Board that the Guild funds, not the movements, but field projects led by scouts, guides, and girl scouts who make the movements. The Board agreed and since then around 15 projects have been funded. In Africa of course, but also in other countries.

But recently, Bjorg decided to end her chairmanship, finding that 12 years were enough. So, the recent held online General Assembly of the Board elected our friend Nana Gentimi, who, like Bjorg, was Vice-Chairman of the ISGF World Committee.

Thanks, Bjorg for everything; from the 2002 Vancouver World Conference where we were elected together to the World Committee until today, through the 3 years, from 2005 to 2008, where I had the great honour, when I chaired the World Committee, for having you by my side and for receiving your precious advice on a daily basis, thank you. But we will see each other again soon since you have only handed over to Nana and you remain Vice Chairman of the Guild.

IAG logo smallThe new Board consists of: Chairman: Nana Gentimi, Vice Chairman: Bjorg Walstad; Secretary: Jane Wardropper; Treasurer: Anthony Floryzoone; Projects managers: Mida Rodrigues and Martine Levy; Chairman of ISGF: Zalillah Mohd Taib.
For more information of the IAG please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit this link on ISGF website.

Martine Lévy-Gougenheim


International Secretary NSGF Libya
So long but not good bye to Bjorg and welcome to Nana Gentimi as the Chairman International Ambassadors Guild. Looking forward to hearing from you Nana Gentimi. Nana is compassionate and humble person a hand giver to who needs it, whom I admire very much.
Chairman International Ambassadors Guild
A big "thank you" to Bjorg for her commitment as IAG Chairman the last 8 years. She has done an excellent job and has been an inspiration to me to become an IAG member in 2014 ISGF World Conference in Sydney. I will do my best to continue this work with the valuable support of the New IAG Board!)
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