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Overview Events 2024 - 2025


Date Year Event Organizer Location Country More information
17 - 22 Sept 2024 30th ISGF World Conference NSGF Spain/ISGF World Committee Granada Spain  
3 - 6 October 2024 11th Central Europe sub-regional Conference NSGF Slovakia/Central Europe sub-regional committee Nitra Slovakia  
  2025  31st Nordic Baltic sub-regional Gathering NSGF Norway   Norway  
  2025 18th MED/7th Southern Europe sub-regional Gathering NSGF Tunisia   Tunisia  
10 - 14 October 2025 29th Western Europe sub-regional Gathering NSGF The Netherlands   The Netherlands  
  2025 1st Central America/Caribbean sub-regional Gathering NSGF Guatemala   Guatemala  
  2025 7th South America sub-regional Gathering        
  2025 17th Asia Pacific Region Gathering NSGF Indonesia/AsPac Regional Committee Bandung Indonesia