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leny07cba.jpgLeny Doelman, member of World Committee, on her way to the Western Hemisphere WOSM Regional Conference is now in Cordoba, Argentina, and she was welcomed by the Scouts y Guias Adultos de Argentina.

In the meantime we have driven more than 4.000 kilometers. It is very hot in Cordoba, around 33 degrees Celsius. The "Scouts y Guias Adultos de Argentina" welcomed her and showed the city. We also had a dinner meeting with some members of neighboring cities today as they had a formal meeting and they elected a new chairman.

This fast growing organisation is still a member of Central Branch but is working very hard to obtain more members in order to become a National Scout and Guide Fellowship in the near future.

They are supporting the National scout and guide organisations and for the centenary of Scouting they placed a special monument in a park with a bust of Lord Baden-Powell. Tree planting is also one of their projects.

arg-group-photo-small.jpgIn Spanish:

Leny Doelman, miembro del Comite Mundial, en su camino a la Conferencia Regional de la OMMS en el hemisferio occidental se encuentra ahora en Cordoba, Argentina, fue recibida por los  Scouts y Guias Adultos de Argentina.

Es una organizacion que crece rapidamente pero que aun es miembro de la Rama Central estan trabajando arduamente para optener mas miembros y asi convertirse en una Hermandad Nacional de Scouts y Guias en un futuro cercano.

arg-bp-mon-small.jpgEllos colaboran la Asociacion Nacional de Scouts y Guias y para el centenario del Scoutismo ellos pusieron un monumento con un busto de Lord Baden Powell en un parque. La plantacion de arboles tambien es uno de sus projectos.

Greetings from Leny (on her way back to Chile for taking the plane to Quito, Ecuador on Friday Nov. 23.)

To be continued in Ecuador.