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africa 01 2017It is in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, that this Conference place, from 24th February to 1st March 2017. The National Scout and Guide Fellowships of 7 countries were represented in Ouaga : Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Uganda (proxy to Burkina Faso), Zambia (proxy to Ghana). Mida Rodrigues, Chairman of the ISGF World Committee honored the Conference by her presence; she was accompanied by Mathius Lukwago, who, in the World Committee, makes the link with the Africa Committee and helps them in their tasks. Martine Levy was there to ensure the interpretation French-English-French.
The Cardinal Paul Zoungara Center was an ideal place for the meeting; vast tree-lined campus, air-conditioned rooms, lodging, restaurant: everything was assembled so that the Conference runs smoothly.

Usual work of an ISGF Conference: presentation of delegates, presentation of Africa, presentation of candidates to the Africa Committee, evaluation of the African sub regional meetings and official opening were the subject of the first two days.

The second day, the constitution was revised; the Conference discussed the amendments proposed by Benin and Burkina Faso. The Constitution of the Africa Region was finally voted; the World Committee legal team will verify that they are in agreement with those of the ISGF.

Finance was discussed; NSGFs were able to present their recent, current or future activities; the relationships of NSGFs with the National Scout Organizations (WOSM) or the member organizations of WAGGGS have been discussed at length; the Guides and Scouts of Burkina Faso presented their associations and activities; The Chairman of the World Committee presented the ISGF in the world and the work of the World Committee. Objectives and recommendations were discussed and voted on

2017 africa region committeeA new Africa Region Committee was elected:

  • Henry LUKWELE of Zambia was re-elected as Chairman
  • Vice Chairman: Iddrisu HUSSAIN of Ghana
  • Secretary: Pierre Damien BABO of Benin
  • Secretary Assistant: Jean-Paul THIBAULT of Senegal
  • Treasurer: Susan ABALO of Uganda

From left to right: Iddrisu, Henry, Pierre Damien, Susan and Jean-Paul

Ghana was elected to host, in 2019, the next ISGF Africa Region Conference. The report of the Conference will indicate the recommendations which have been adopted. It will be available later on the ISGF and the Africa Region websites.

On the last day, participants were able to visit the Museum of Manéga, created by Maître Pacéré.
"Several sacred sites have been reconstituted within the museum to introduce visitors to the sacred concepts and spiritual life of the peoples of Burkina Faso." Young scouts and guides accompanied the delegations; very interesting intergenerational.

After the closing ceremony among the participants, a group of Scouts and Guides gave a theatrical performance on the very important topic of adolescent reproductive health and unintended teenage pregnancies.

pdf Minutes 2nd Africa Region Conference Burkina Faso 2016 (103 KB)



# Membre de l'ANSG, BelgiqueHariga Monique 2017-06-19 20:36
Je suis heureuse de lire des échos de la Conference d'Afrique. J'espère bientôt voir des photos et revoir le pays.
# Member Central Branch group TanzaniaJohnson MaCrobert 2017-03-19 21:29
Congratulations to all who take their time and cost in representing us.
It's a big disappointment for all of us to come to our failure to arrive at this important conference and unfortunately shows that every time those who attend these ISGF conferences is the same persons this is not fair.
It is obvious that there will be no African development important to ISGF not only in Africa but in worldwide too.
This must be re-examined so that there is likely to be large numbers of participants in the future.
The next conference 2019 in Ghana must be planned well in advance to let many of ISGF African countries member participants to be more of them and this will includes reducing the cost of attendance should be lower because there are currently too high to manage for others, and this can be also the cause of many to miss the conference. See you again in Ghana 2019.