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schoolpack_BurundiLess than 8 days ! The last step ! The last preparations!

The mission, very limited, composed of 2 members of the NSGF of France, Simone and Martine, will leave for Burundi on the 27th November. The stay will last until the 10th December.

Simone and Martine will meet their partners : the Guides of Burundi and the staff of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Burundi. They will bring the fruit of your gifts, those you made, you, members of ISGF of the whole world. Nine thousand (9000 euros). It is amazing. One thousand (1000) small bags, with the ISGF, UNHCR, WAGGGS logos, full of school stationeries bought locally, will be given in Cendajuru to 1000 pupils, the neediest ones or orphans.

The Mission will be conveyed by a UNHCR car and probably largely covered by the medias.

Moreover, on the request of the UNHCR representation in Burundi, Simone and Martine will go and Read more about the project andmeet, in their schools in Bujumbura, with the Guides of Burundi, children coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo, refugees in Burundi. Games for the youngest, discussions with the oldest will be focused on Peace, prevention against HIV/AIDS, violence against women.Of course some hitch may occur…but the adventure will be very exciting.

Back to you very soon with the report. Click here to read more about the project.