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2009 at the ISGF sub regional gatherings:

The Southern Europe and the MED were recently held in Tavira (Portugal). During these sub regional gatherings, the members of the World Committee participating promoted the ISGF-UNHCR partnership operation: “Cendajuru project in Burundi: schooling of child refugees”.

The explanations given on this project made the participants of the gatherings realize how precarious the lives of children who have been refugees, to come home after suffering from a civil war. It is difficult for them to go to school lacking the financial means to buy school equipment.

This project has touched the members of ISGF, it is coherent with the values of service learnt in Scouting and Guiding, that it is affordable to all. These thanks come from the deepest part of my heart; they are in my name but above all on behalf of Jacqueline Banyanka, and even more in the name of the young children of Burundi who, despite their young ages have already lived hours, days, months, of which we can’t even imagine their difficulties. What could be better for a child than to receive an education; to help them assist in a precarious life, which might await any child?

It shows also a great generosity of all NSGFs, their members, and members attending gatherings.

Thank you to everyone who joined our Burundi Project.

It is never too late, as this project will be supported by the ISGF until April 01, 2010.