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In 2007, the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF) signed a partnership agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). In 2009, you are invited to take action in collaboration with the UNHCR project.

Support schools in the village of Cendajuru, in the province of Cancuzo, Burundi

This district welcomes back many people of Burundi who had fled from their country, had taken refuge in nearby Tanzania and who, today, come back home with the support of the UNHCR.
The village has more than 10 primary schools, and more than 7,200 children of all ages go to school.

jacqueline_banyanka.jpgAt the World Refugee Day 2008, organised by the UNHCR in France, on the theme of women refugees, we met Jacqueline Banyanka, who is the coordinator for one of these schools. Jacqueline herself was a refugee in Tanzania twice, in 1993 and 2003. Since her return to her country in 2003, she has worked for the schooling of children who had the same life experience as hers.

At our request, Jacqueline made a list of the needs of materials for school children. We suggested making up standard parcels costing 20 € each, the contents of which will be bought locally in order to contribute to the local economy. The parcels will be distributed in Cendajuru by the organisers of this operation. The Burundi Girl Guides will also assist us.

The content of a standard parcel is: 3 exercise books, 4 ball-point pens (blue, black, green, red), 2 lead pencils, box of 12 coloured pencils, 2 erasers, ruler, pair of compasses, set square, protractor, box of 12 coloured felt-tip pens, slate, 2 boxes of white chalks, toothpaste tube, tooth brush, soap and shampoo.

Each individual member of ISGF may contribute by donating money for one or several parcels. To save money on bank transfer the International Secretary (IS) is asked to collect the donations and send the total amount to ISGF account marked Cendajuru Burundi latest by the end of November 2009 - extended until April 01, 2010.

ISGF account:

Banque de la Poste : 000.1829182-53 - IBAN : BE53 0001 8291 8253 - BIC : BPOTBEB1
ING : 310-0369433 46 - IBAN : BE33 3100 3694 3346 - BIC : BBRUBEBB

On the ISGF website you will find a lot of background information on this project. To keep the website updated we ask the IS to inform the World Bureau of the number of parcels supplied by the 31st August and again by 20th October.

We trust that together we shall be able to gather a substantial amount of mutual support so that Jacqueline and her people might forget their exile. We also hope that through your generous contributions ISGF may fulfil its role and will contribute to improve the lives of this community and bring them the comfort and peace that we all wish.

Anne Dupont, Vice-chairman ISGF World Committee

pdf Cendajuru project Burundi (68 KB)