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haiti 2017 11

Photos from the ISGF Team during their June 2017 Mission to Haiti. A comprehensive written by all ISGF team members will be available soon.






Visit to the Central Branch Group USA – Cuba in Miami

haiti 17 meeting usa cuba 05haiti 17 meeting usa cuba 04After a very good trip finally we were received at the airport by the Chairman of the Board of the Asociación de Antiguos Scouts y Guias de Cuba. A very complete program and specially a great friendship. Meetings, touristic tours and very good meals. The group was welcomed as Guests of Honor. As their contribution to our trip, everything was offered to us as well as the presence of all the members of the Board.


haiti 2017 03Breakfast meeting with ISGF team, president Guides Haiti and the school director to see the budget before doing the last shopping.


haiti 2017 06 haiti 2017 07Shopping the last items needed. Freezer, boxes for the kitchen, pencils and sharpeners, bowls and bins to take to the different projects. 



Sub project: the Orphanage “Enfant Haitien Mon Frère”

Different views from the visit to the Orphanage. Later you must not miss and read about this fantastic place where we contributed with the building of the wall that will allow them to have a safe orchard and a vegetable garden to feed the more than 40 children and some handicapped youngsters.

 haiti 2017 16 haiti 2017 17  haiti 2017 18 
 haiti 2017 19  haiti 2017 20  haiti 2017 21

Sub-project : building of the Guides’ headquarters in Haiti

haiti 2017 04The ‘engineer’ from the ISGF Team reviewing the plans of the future Guides’ Headquarters


haiti 2017 09Visit to the land of the Girl Guide Association - Haiti where soon the first phase of Headquarters construction will start. 

haiti 2017 08





Sub project- School Carmen René Durocher

haiti 2017 10Welcome by the director of the school and presentation of all the classes and team of teachers.


haiti 2017 11                   Visit to the school who has received our furniture and other presents.

haiti 2017 13






130 of each, plate, mug, glass and spoon, very colorful, pens and pencils and other school material.


haiti 2017 14Cabinet for storing the students' lunchboxes

haiti 2017 15                                                


                                                View from school to the village where the children live.





Meeting with members of the NSGF- Haiti (AIDSEGA)

haiti 2017 22The AIDSEGA members after a very good meeting and expectations for growth. Farewell is sad but after having the conscience that the ISGF HAITI 2016 project can be concluded with success it is a great joy for all the ones involved.




The ISGF team members

haiti 2017 23The ISGF team members just before leaving HAITI , hot, tired but very proud for having done their best and received so much more from everyone they met.
As representatives of all the ISGF members that contributed to this World project we thank you for allowing us to have lived such an experience.
Our common report will shortly be available and if you still want to contribute there are still some pins left for you to sell.

From left to right:
Jesper, Virginia, Rosa, Mida, Ingrid, Ana

  pdf Photo impression ISGF Haiti Mission 2017 (807 KB)  




# Member of CB group TanzaniaJohnson MaCrobert 2017-08-10 09:25
Congratuations to all who anyway contribute to this project in Haiti those who shows their scouts spirit in supporting to those who is in needs. We all are united together
# International Secretary NSGF DenmarkAnne Haastrup-Nielsen 2017-07-09 09:15
How marvellous that you kept up the good spirits and finally succeeded in reaching Haiti. It is good to see that our donations really mean a difference and we are so proud to see that it is really worth the while to support an ISGF project. So many photos from various places, and in a good resolution, so that we actually recognize the persons on them. Many thanks to our “travelling team” for your efforts and troubles in reaching Haiti.