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uruguay good turn 2022 01On last June 22nd, Fraternidad de Antiguos Scouts y Guias de Uruguay (FASGU), donated a number of warm clothes and foods to a Migrants House’s elders, who are in urgent need of some warm protection during this exceptionally cold winter in Uruguay.

Every year, FASGU organizes several donation campaigns (clothes, food, books, toys, spectacles) or adheres to young Scouts associations or groups’ campaigns, to help in some way to alleviate the life of those in need. To our satisfaction, every campaign is supported by a loyal number of generous donors, who are the testimony that the solidarity spirit is always present, but that in harsh times it becomes action.

uruguay good turn 2022 02During July, we are carrying out the “Donate your used spectacles”, joining forces with COOPTICA – a cooperative Optician clinic – who repairs the frames and gives them free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay for them, charging a symbolic price for the prescribed lenses.


# World Committee membermario bertagnolio 2022-07-09 11:14
Dear Uruguajos, I am well inspired by your yearly day of donations of clothes, spectacles, other useful tools that your fellowship members do in favour of people that need such help. All the best to all of you.