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libya building hq scoutingThe Local Scout and Guide Fellowship in Janzur, Libya, stepped in to give a helping hand in realizing a new headquarters for the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in this city.

Janzur is a city in north-western Libya, situated on the Libyan coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, located in the west of the capital Tripoli.

The Local Fellowship, they really make it happen as described in ISGF Constitution to actively support the WAGGGS and WOSM member organizations. The Fellowship allocated a plot of land and are sponsoring the financing to build the new Headquarters for the Scouts and Girl Guides. They have played a central role as they held several meetings with the municipality, Ministry of Education, civil society institutions, the active authorities and the people of Janzur city to allocate a plot of land and finance. The Fellowship also took over the project management starting from the design stage.

As of today, the percentage of completion of the project is currently 30%.