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germany tree planting 01On 20 November 2021 young and adult scouts diligently planted a new hedge strip under the expert guidance of the Nienburg Forestry Office of the Lower Saxony State Forests. The 35 or so participants from the “BdP Stamm Rotmilan” and the "ZentralGilde" from the Association of German Old Scout Guilds had planted around 600 trees and shrubs after about four hours.

Species-rich hedge structure: The hedge, which is about 160 metres long and 12 metres wide, now serves as a habitat and feeding ground for small animals and insects. Hedgehogs, mice and robins now find shelter under and between buckthorn, blackthorn, hawthorn, dog rose, dogwood, hazel and cherry. The richly flowering woody plants also provide abundant food for butterflies and bees, for example.

germany planting trees 02Teamwork: "All participants were highly motivated and had a lot of fun. That's what I know from the scouts: Good and fast work," says a pleased Uwe Niedergesäss, forest ranger of the Memsen forest ranger station. He was supported by his forester colleague Natalie Leichnitz who is member of the Association of Christian Guides and Scouts in Germany (VCP).

As a reward, everyone had a delicious pumpkin soup in the forest afterwards.