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project bpg uk 04Throughout the last year, to provide an occupation and as an environmentally friendly way of fund raising Baden-Powell Guild members have been using old pallets to make garden planters. The pallets are often ‘waste’, and people have been happy to donate them for a good cause.

First the pallets have to be broken down and all the nails removed. Ideas have come from a variety of sources, the internet, garden centres and just ‘inspiration’. The original idea came from the Guild National Secretary but other Guild members have now taken it up, providing both occupation and items for sale.

Over £500 has been raised and donated to Scouting, Guiding and local communities in the past year. We are proud of the way our members have been using their time and recyling materials. It does not need a great level of skill, just a bit of patience and practical ability.

We hope this inspires others to, ‘have a go’.

pdf Fundraising ideas BP Guild UK (529 KB)