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book former greek scoutsThe fellowship, ‘Greek Former Scouts from County Commissions of Alexandria & Cairo’ (PEAK), have recently published in English, through Amazon Publishing. Their Scout Album covering over a century of Scouting in Egypt, which is available for sale and browsing through it on line, at the following link.

It includes 65 interviews-testimonies with former Greek scouts from Egypt and 372 photographs with a total of 261 pages. It has taken us over two years of effort to complete and finalize it and they are proud it has been produced under the auspices of the Scouts of Greece and the Chief Commissioner Mr. Stavros Dimitropoulos.

Their intention was to save the great memories of Greek Scouting in Egypt since 1912, thus providing the opportunity to third and fourth generation Greeks abroad, who do not read or write anymore in the Greek language, to get to know the grandeur of the scouting history of their grandfathers!

This hardcover book (US$20) also serves as a record for the new generations where they can track their ancestors since names are mentioned in most pictures. The editing team has tried to collect any available data so that a chronological sequence could be followed for each city wherever that was feasible.

Christos Evangelou


# member NSGF GreeceMetaxoula Philippatou 2023-06-25 08:50
Thank you for uploading, hope this publication will serve as a useful idea-example for other fellowships

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