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National Fellowships

libya conference 2022 01From 16 – 19 November 2022 NSGF Libya held her 10th Conference in the International Scout and Guide Training center in Jadda’im, west of Tripoli, Libya. About 200 participants from Local Scout and Guide Fellowships (LSGFs) attended the Conference.

This Conference is held every two years. Here the founders of the first generation were honoured as well as former scouts and guides. The theme of the Conference was: “We support our movement with our enthusiasm”. The programme was very diverse and contained presentations about the ISGF structure, regions, World Committee and ISGF website but also about the Arab Union of Scout and Guide Pioneers (Arab region) structure, conference, executive committee and General Secretariat.
Also discussions were held about NSGF-LIBYA and the LSGFs annual reports. They also worked on amendments of their Constitution. There was even a heritage exposition.

libya conference 02The participants visited for half a day the ancient city of Sabratha which was established, about 500 BC, as the Phoenician trading-post. Sabratha. It lies on the Mediterranean coast about 70 km west of modern Tripoli.