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AJŽ TRV twinningThe ISGF Twinning Coordinator received just recently a request from three ladies of respectively Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to supply them with a Twinning certificate. They have formed two groups ALJAZE and TORAVE. They all started Twinning in 2022.

The ladies from the Czech Republic form a group called ALJAZE and which name has been composed with the first two letters of their first names. ALena, JArucha and ŽElva. The ladies from the Slovak Republic are called TORAVE and their first names are: TOnka, RAkša and VEronika.

On the photo you see from left to right: Želva, Alena, Jarucha, Veronika, Tonka and Rakša

twinning logo webTwinning can be done between individuals, local Guilds and National Boards but also between groups as mentioned above. See for full information about Twinning this link.

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