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sydney 100 2014

Dear friends from around the World,

The 27th World Conference in Australia has ended and our target now is the 28th ISGF World Conference in Indonesia – Bali in 2017.

The 45 delegations present or represented by proxy participated, debated and voted but I would like to see more countries present and that the finances barriers could be overcome. Let's start today and make this Fellowship Day a way of support of our national Fellowship or our Central Branch (CB) groups that in 2017 one or two members could attend the 28th ISGF World Conference in Indonesia – Bali. Once again I'm very happy to Chairman the ISGF World Committee and I really am sure I can count with all the ISGF members and future members in the Central Branch to continue the SERVICE towards Adult Scouting and Guiding at world level.

The new World Committee and the World Bureau will be as usual in contact with you when you need and do go and visit the ISGF web page where you can have information on the new names of the committee members and about our first meeting in Sydney.
The new Action Plan – 2014/17 DEVELOPMENT - "The Steps to Future", will be sent in detail very soon and meanwhile during this Fellowship Day you can have a thought about how you would like to CLIMB those STEPS together and reach the ISGF DEVELOPMENT program that we set up together.

Dear friends, I'm very happy to tell you that the highlight of the Conference was the Action Time contributions. Thank you to the Regions, Fellowships and CB groups who sent their very good presentations and so diversified. They will be put into in to a CD and distributed by the World Bureau upon request so you can have more ideas for your projects and keep informed about the projects from around the world.
Also as a financial support to your National, Local Fellowship or CB group, the ISGF shop will very soon have the Xmas shopping market on line, so if you buy in large quantities you will have a discount and so you can make a profit for your GUILD. Be alert by mid November to the ISGF web shop news. New magnets, keyrings and luggage tags. Remember your friends and give them a small souvenir for Xmas, for Thinking Day or other Guild celebration or sell them during a fundraising event. There are many collectors of those items.

I wish you all a very pleasant Fellowship Day and hope to meet you soon at the next Sub Regional, Regional and even National events around the ISGF World.

Yours in Fellowship
Mida Rodrigues

Chairman ISGF World Committee
16th October 2014 - Australia

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