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22 February 2019

22 feb 2019

Happy Founders/World Thinking Day

Dear Friends,
Every 22nd February of the year we celebrate an important day for us, scouts, guides, parents, friends and all who love scouting and guiding. It is a special day because we remember the birth of our Founders, who have put us together in a family.

We are lucky to belong to a lovely family of scouting and guiding, we have become brothers, sisters, friends because of what our Founders left us. Therefore, it is our turn today to carry it with us and pass it on to the next generation so they can as well enjoy the family setting like we do. Our ability to make and leave this world better depends on our Founders principles. Our Founders left for us a life to live, a life to love, happiness, perseverance, cleanliness, patience, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness and a life to be reliable.

Sometimes these virtues become a challenge to live and abide by, and we struggle to love others, to accept them and to forgive them. We need to always remember that it requires commitment in order to leave this world better than we found it.

The Good Turns we do every other day, the encouragement we give those discouraged, the small contributions we make every other day, all of that requires sacrifice that we are always making. As we celebrate the lives of our Founders take time to meditate on the scouting and guiding life we have lived, think of some difference we can make this world better, continue to stand out and we will be counted.

Remember this: We were born to live, to love and be loved and with that we can make this world better not only for ourselves but for others as well.

Happy Founders/World Thinking Day to you all

Mathius Lukwago
Chairman ISGF World Committee

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