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Fellowship Day - 25 October 2023

ISGF AISG 70 SmallOnce a scout/guide, always a scout/guide

For millions of people worldwide these words have a deep meaning. They live in the hearts of those who have learned to know the scout movement and many have dedicated their lives to a scouting lifestyle.

70 years ago on the 25th of October 1953 adult scouts from 18 countries gathered in Lucerne in Switzerland to establish a movement for adults that wanted to continue their scouting life as they had done during their youth within WAGGGS and WOSM but was also open to everyone that wanted to join. The idea was to make an international platform for former members of the scout movement, adults that were no longer active scouts but still share the spirit of the laws and promise as founded by Baden Powell.
This was the birthday of ISGF as we know the organization today.
Of course there have been many changes during these decades and we can only wonder if the founders could have imagined all the changes that have been in the world. Maybe all progress has not been at the best for mankind and as many times during history we don’t seem to learn from the past.

Still the principals of ISGF are the same:
a) respect for lives and human rights
b) contribute to international understanding especially through friendship, tolerance and respect for others
c) work for justice and peace as to create a better world

During the last decades we have lost many members because of high age and it is natural that we all will go home one day but we are missing new members from many places in the world. Somehow our organization does not appeal to younger generations. What it is that we are not doing right isn’t always clear but it is my belief that we need to meet the younger people, the millions of scouts that are all over on their premises but not as we have always been doing. We have to listen and learn.

I wish you all our members of ISGF a happy Fellowship Day.

Be prepared,

Yours in fellowship
Elin Richards
Chairman ISGF World Committee

pdf Fellowship Day message 2023 (89 KB)