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MED 2009 48To make the World a Better Place: Community Good Turn at the Med Gathering in Tavira, Portugal – October 2009

Friendship in Tavira was felt at the very moment you entered the airport arrival zone in Faro.

The smiles, the reception team, team at the hotel: all through the stay so available and so well organised, visible and muite simpaticos, friends from previous Conferences and Gatherings, etc.

Enjoying such a diversified programme was just so overwhelming and a fantastic example of what Adult Scouting/Guiding is all about, relayed by the magnificent team effort of the 30-strong Portuguese Fellowship members, always ready to help, always prepared.

To me one of the highlights of the Gathering was our Good Turns: one was to plant trees, the other to visit a Tavira Old People’s care home. All participants were invited to contribute to the purchase of a wheelchair and a medical bed for an aged patient. About 15 of us arrived in this care home at 4 pm for a short reception and were met by some residents and the Director. Mida Rodrigues, chair of the Gathering, explained briefly who we are, why we meet and from which countries we come from. This Cheque for Tavira Old People's care homesmall group comes from Italy, Libya, Egypt, Belgium and Portugal. She handed the Director a cheque for 1,000 euros to cover the cost of the much-needed equipment. In return she and I received a CD of an organ concert given in the Tavira Misericordia baroque church, now a Cultural centre.

I propose that Good Turns be permanent features of all our conferences, gatherings, forums, etc.

Muite obrigada, Mida !

Anne Dupont, vice-chairman ISGF