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zambia uniforms 01On the 28th of July 2016 a local Scout and Guide Fellowship from Zambia donated school uniforms. In a town called Kabwe school uniforms were given to children from families who could not afford to buy them.

In total the local Fellowship of Kabwe donated 54 trousers, 48 shirts, 37 dresses and 22 jerseys.
This is the third time the Kabwe district donate uniforms to the underprivileged at MUWOWO primary school to help families and to allow the children proudly to wear school uniforms. The Fellowship members raised a fund to acquire the uniforms.
This is a great way to support the education of these children.
The pictures show the happy children wearing the uniforms in the presence of the local Kabwe Fellowship Guild and the school teachers.

 zambia uniforms 02 zambia uniforms 03