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nepal earthquake 004Recently a Member of Parliament, Ms Rajya Laxmi Shrestha, paid a visit to our dome shelter model in Lalitpur Scouts HQ premises and praised the efforts of the ISGF members.

We have now handed over some 12 shelters to the victims of the earthquake in Khokana, Bugamati, Chhampi and Bande Gaun, municipalities in Lalitpur District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. These dome shelters are built in the open space in the terraced paddy field as the victims have no space next to their broken house.
In the pictures below you will find the different stages of construction with different material and ways to make the front or the back of the dome shelter. The shelters built in different areas have a different look as the front door of the dome shelter has been made in different ways depending on the material that is locally available. The front of the dome shelter is covered by old corrugated sheets or with plywood. Some are finished by bricks and as you see some shelters are ready.
In the process of building, these shelters were built up by volunteers, members of Central Branch Nepal, scouts, laborers and the occupants of the shelters themselves.
The occupants of these shelters very much appreciate the donation of ISGF.

pdf Financial report Relief Fund Shelters Nepal (601 KB)

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