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italy peacelight 3The Peace Light arrived in Italy since 1986 by the German Scouts from South Tirol, Austria. In Italy the first nationwide distribution of the Peace Light of Bethlehem took place in 1996, in a manner similar to what happens in Austria, using means of a station of the relay station on two lines: Trieste-Genoa and Trieste-Naples.

The Peace Light touched that year over 100,000 people, 5,000 scouts, 48 cities and towns.

The Peace Light is being spread to as many people as possible: rich and poor, educated and ignorant, whites and blacks, religious and atheists. Peace is everyone's heritage and the Peace Light goes everywhere.

In December 2016 the Peace Light was brought to Accumoli and Amatrice, where the earthquake of August 2016 destroyed everything and where the Executive Committee of the region Lazio brought comfort to the affected population, together with the bishop of the town of Rieti. It was here where the Austrians Scouts have funded a substantial amount for the people of central Italy hit by the earthquake.

italy peacelight 2In Sicily, the arrival of the Peace Light launched a host project: welcome to life (family, children ....), welcome to the people suffering (sick, disabled, elderly ....), welcome to migrants with the small cross of Lampedusa. The spreading of the Peace Light from Bethlehem ended together with the small cross of Lampedusa, two small symbols, but both of enormous value.

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