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malaysia good turn 2016 4In 1998, William Teng Hooi Foong, chairman of BP Scout Guild Kuala Lumpur with some members, met with natives (Orang Asli as known in Malaysia) in a settlement, known as Pos Simpo while they were on an expedition to climb Gunung Chamah, the fifth highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. The native guides from this village helped them to reach the Peak and back within two days from their village.

Since then the members of the Guild have close relationship with the community and visited the settlement to provide assistance, difficult for them to obtain.
The Pos Simpo settlement is 60 kilometers from the nearest town. One needs to go through the timber tracks on 4-wheel drive that nearly takes four to five hours depending on the road conditions.
William and a group of BP Guild members had a mission to go there with 6 vehicles at least twice a year to provide basic supplies such as salt, sugar, milk powder and some tools. They also collected used clothes donated by members and friends. One of the most significant was to take with them a group of doctors so they could provide medical assistance to the tribe.
What the Guild wants to achieve is to educate the community to be self-reliant and the best way was to provide seeds to grow crops. Now they have grown many fruit trees and plants that they can rely on.
In the past this community depended on the river for fishing and hunting but this has been destroyed due to logging activities. Many of them were driven away from their ancestral lands. The community moved to higher grounds and lives on a barren land. The BP guild members felt that these people needed help.
In the recent floods the community was cut off from supplies due to broken bridges, used by loggers. William collected donations and took in supplies once the bridges were repaired. The Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides (FOFSAG) Malaysia also contributed funds for this repair.

The last trip to this settlement was on 16th September 2016. This village is now been adopted by the Guild for their community service project. Next visit is planned for February 2017.

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# President, Maharashtra State branch, Indian SGF.Surendra Kumar Agarwal 2018-05-18 16:09
BRAVO Malaysian Fellowship for this long sustained project.