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Who are we?
The International Ambassadors Guild, (IAG) as indicated in the full name, is a guild, a worldwide one. The 160 members are from all over the world.
The Ambassadors Guild was founded in 1997 with the approval of ISGF. There is a close connection between the IAG and the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF). The chairman of the ISGF World Committee is an IAG board member.

What are we doing?
IAG provides additional financial support to Guiding and Scouting projects worldwide in the fields of education, community permanent development. Thus IAG provides adults with an opportunity to do an extra Good Turn in promoting Guiding and Scouting.
For some years the IAG kept on saving money in order to consolidate its funds and later on use the interests for scouting and guiding support.
In 2012 we changed this policy and decided to start again the annual support to projects, projects already planned and partly founded by guide and scout associations.
Scouts and guides in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Girl Guides in Malawi, scouts and guides in France and Ivory Coast and girl guides in Cyprus received financial support for their projects.
They all expressed their warmest thanks to IAG for the allocated grants. They also pointed out that this support from IAG boosted their projects. They could reach out to more people and be more active.

We could do more if we had more members.
There are two categories:

  • Life member: 1000 Euro
  • Ordinary member: annual subscription of 100 Euro

If you choose the second option you remain in this category as long as you pay an annual fee.

And what do you get out of this?

  • A membership certificate;
  • The Ambassador-pin with the ISGF-logo and string of green laurel and oak leaves;
  • The possibility to participate in Ambassador meetings at all international gatherings and conferences;
  • An annual membership-list, a financial statement and a report on the activities of the guild during the year.

And finally : A good feeling of giving Scouting and Guiding a helping hand.

Want to join us?
Just fill in the Ambassadors Registration Form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and transfer the fee amount to the IAG bank account.

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