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Border meeting between Denmark and Germany

border meeting tydal 01With a 2-year delay (due to the Corona pandemic), the “Grænsetræf / Grenztreff” now took place from 6 to 8 May 2022.
The border between Denmark and Germany, once seen as a separation and demarcation, is now a sign of cooperation between two minorities - the Danish south of the border and the Germans north of the border. These characteristics were also the theme of the meeting.

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Special Twinning ladies

AJŽ TRV twinningThe ISGF Twinning Coordinator received just recently a request from three ladies of respectively Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to supply them with a Twinning certificate. They have formed two groups ALJAZE and TORAVE. They all started Twinning in 2022.

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Central Branch Newsletter No. 1, 2022 distributed

cb newsletter 1 20221. News from the CB Coordinator
2. News from individuals/groups
3. Upcoming events
4. Fee payments
5. Welcome to newcomers
6. Annual reports
7. Update Central Branch membership

pdf CB Newsletter 1, 2022 (195 KB)

document CB Newsletter 1, 2022 text (35 KB)

document Boletin Rama Central 1, 2022 (34 KB)

10th National Meeting of Adult Scouts and Guides in Tunisia

meeting tunisia 2022The tenth National Meeting of Adult Scouts and Guides in Tunisia, originally scheduled for March 2020, was postponed due to the global pandemic. The meeting was finally successfully organised from 18-20 March 2022 in a hotel in Sousse.

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Active Solidarity with Refugees from Ukraine

Help Ukraine GermanyWe, from NSGF Germany, are looking for enthusiastic guides and scouts (18+) from Europe who would like to help with refugee relief. We work at the hubs of the refugee flows. The first priority is to care for and supply the refugees from Ukraine, but also to sort and pack material and work in the first aid station.

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Libya Fellowship held their physical National Gathering

agm libya 2022

When so many countries have lifted COVID-19 travel restrictions, the first thing NSGF-LIBYA did was to have a national gathering. Djerba Island in Tunisia was the ideal environment for this gathering.

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The first Virtual World Conference in Brussels was a success

wconf2022 platformThe 29th ISGF World Conference was held in a studio in Brussels, Belgium on 26 and 27 February 2022 from 12:00 – 13:30 hour. A total of 44 delegates out of 66 membership countries attended the conference including the Central Branch representative. This World Conference was different from other World Conferences as there was only the voting on a special adjusted business agenda.

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Argentina Fellowship sharing Scouting techniques during national camp

argentina ccamp 2022 5The Scouts y Guias Adultos de Argentina (SGAA) held their national camp from February 9 till 13, 2022. It was their first gathering after the pandemic started so they call it “Reunion National Camp” (Campamento Nacional del Encuentro).

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Stand up with Ukrainian people

image letter ukraineWe are all shocked from what is happening in Ukraine. A war went in from a brother country producing destructions, deaths, fear, hate between people and communities. It has been a sudden wake up in the world from decades of peaceful life and well relationship, still with political, social, economical problems. But it had been always clear to all of us all around the World that a solution should be found by negotiations, agreements and understanding.
Now in these days it looks that the situation is changing, that we are all forced to drop down toward some deepness and that is quite difficult to come up with solutions to save people, especially the weaker, the poorer.

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Antiguos Scouts y Guias de Cuba support to Scouting

lincoln marti 2022 04On January 21 to 23, 2022, as it is traditional, at the “Picnic Ground Carlos J. Arboleya”, at Miami Dade County, USA was celebrated the LI Camporee Lincoln-Martí, with the participation of 23 Units of the South Florida Local Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Last year was not possible to celebrate the Camporee because the pandemic and the Park was closed. But this year was the LI Camporee and our Association of “Antiguos Scouts y Guías de Cuba” were there with our Museum as we are doing during the last 14 years.

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