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Central Branch (CB)

List of 39 Central Branch countries (update 10 December 2020)

1513 members (29 groups) and 65 individual members = 1576 in total

Aruba Odig group 15
Botswana   individual 3
Brazil Associação Brasileira de Adultos Escoteiros e Bandeirantes group 86
Burundi    individual 3
Cambodia   individual  2
Cameroon    individual 5
Cape Verde  St. Antonio group 40
Canada   group 18
Chile Scouts y Guias Adultos de Chile group 60
Chile Club de Antiguos Guias y Scouts de Valparaiso guild 16
Colombia   individual  2
Congo (Brazzaville)   individual 5
Costa Rica   individual  2
Cuba   individual 3
Ecuador   group 41
El Salvador   individual 4
Guatemala ATZ Fraternity of Scouts and Guides of Guatemala group 150
Hong Kong   individual 1
Israel   group 15
Japan   individual 4
Kenya  Trefoil Guild group 154
Kenya  Nyeri Guild group  16
Kenya   individual  3





Malawi   group 12
Netherlands  National Scout and Guide Fellowship the Netherlands group 60
Netherlands Dutch Scout and Guide Fellowship group 60
Peru   individual 3
Peru Asociacion Scouts y Guias Adultos del Peru (ASGAP) group 32
Peru Amistad Scout Guia Adulto del Peru (ASGAP) group 22
Philippines    individual  2
Rwanda Association des Rwanda Anciens Scouts et Guides de l'AISG (ARASG) group 10
Singapore   individual 1
South Africa  South Africa Trefoil Guild group 23
South Africa NSGF - ZA group 18
Sudan   individual 6
Suriname PAVEURS group  56
Taiwan   individual 4
Tanzania   group  64
Thailand   individual 1
Togo   group 8
Trinidad & Tobago   group 44
Uruguay Fraternidad de Antiguos Scouts y Guías del Uruguay (FASGU) group 40
Uruguay   individual 1
USA  Association des Anciens Scouts et Guides d'Haiti (Casegha) group 98
USA Asociacion Adultos Scouts y Guias de Cuba group 27
USA  CB group USA group 69
Venezuela Fraternidad de Antiguos Scouts y Guias de Venezuela (FASGV) group 252
Zimbabwe   individual 6

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